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The Process

Montecito Media uses a proven systematic process to produce digital projects. Following the general guidelines below, we make informed decisions on each step of your project development.

Research:  Every project begins with a thorough research segment to help define the key components, the cost, and the feasibility of the project. Most importantly is the market study to determine if your Web project has a cost-effective solution to succeed. We examine the competition and identify market opportunities.

Planning:  Once an opportunity has been identified, we enter the project planning stage. Here we idientify the key personnel and decide who will be accomplishing the tasks at hand. Typically there is one lead or primary contact person from both the client and Montecito Media. Next, we identify each task and an approximate completion time. At the end of the planning stage, we can deliver a report outlining the specific cost to complete the project.

Production:  In the production stage, Montecito Media will work closely with the client providing sketches and preliminary graphics to meet the client's desires. Clients will have the opportunity to review the look and functionality of the production through several sub-stages of production.

Launch:  At this stage, the project will be delivered or posted to servers to be made public. Additional reviews, including focus group studies, will be made to finalize the look and functionality. Also in this stage the marketing begins and customers will begin to use the website.

Follow Up:  The follow-up stage is used to analyze the site both functionally and in the market.

Maintenance:  Some websites may require maintenance to freshen content periodically. Most websites in a competitive market will require weekly, if not daily, market maintenance with the pay-per-click search engines.

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